names Kirsty I am 18. Happily engaged to Clinton James Iacuone, my one and only, the best thing that has happened in my life.
15 piercings and 3 tattoos.
This is my blog to say and do what ever i want. Its all about things i believe in, what i want to achieve, what i want to become and most of the time its all about the tattoos.

Good on ya Felix! Keep on the good work and don’t die!

Had my surgery today

And have been put on antibiotics.
laying in bed not feeling your whole arm feel so weird.
Took them an hour to actually finish and I’m already bruised all over.
High on endone
Feeling great.

Purchased my wedding dress today

I’m just getting so excited, it feels so unreal knowing il be married to Clinton the one guy that I never knew I would be getting married to I still remember the day back 6 years ago when I met him and knew something was there, but I never knew that we would plan on stating together for the rest of our lives and planing to have our big wog family.I love you Clinton James Iacuone 

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Because my dee dee is a Teddy

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Because my dee dee is a Teddy

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